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Dog Walking Miami


walking or backyard playtime

feeding & replenishing water

mail pick up

trash removal

rotating lights

watering plants

administering medication

$23 per 20-minute walk

$30 per 30-minute walk

$40 per 60-minute walk

***per additional dog is $5 extra 

  • We only walk one client's dog(s) at a time to ensure your pup remains safe and receives individual attention!

  • All dog walking clients will receive a "Pupdates Log" left on your refridgerator that your walker will fill out during each visit, so you'll always have the peace of mind your walker stopped by!


Holiday Rates

There will be an extra $5 per visit charge or extra $10 per night charge for the following major holidays: (Remember, our sitters give up time with their families on holidays so you can be with yours!)

 New Years Eve

 New Years Day

Mother's Day

Father's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day


Whether you're working long hours away from home or going away on vacation, it's important for your dog to remain getting exercise and keeping up with a healthy lifestyle while you can't be there. You know what they say; a tired dog is a happy dog!

Kennels and boarding facilities not only pose a risk of your pet getting sick or injured, but taking pets out of their comfort zone can create anxiety and place lots of stress on them. 

      By choosing PAWS pet sitting, your pet is able to receive the care and attention just as if you were home, allowing them to continue their healthy lifestyle without disrupting their normal routine.

Cat Sitting Miami

$20 per 15-minute visit

 $30 per 30-minute visit

$40 per 60-minute visit


Playtime and social interaction

Feeding and replenishing water

Clean up of accidents, cage cleaning, and/or litter box cleaning

Medication administering

Mail pickup, Trash removal, Watering plants, rotating lights

  • We charge by time - so there is absolutely no extra charge whether you have one cat or ten!

  • "What if I have both dogs and cats?" - As long as the scheduled visit allows time for each request to be completed, the price is the same no matter how many pets you have!

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