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Why should I choose PAWS?

       While your family members, neighbors, or the high school student down the street would probably provide great care to your pets, there are many advantages to choosing a professional, incorporated pet sitting company, and even more advantages to becoming a PAWS pal! 


Safety First


First, having a sitter who is insured and bonded is the most important aspect to look for when searching for someone to not only care for your beloved family members, but also be trusted in entering your home. PAWS is fully insured and bonded, which protects all parties  involved including you, your pets, and your sitter in the event of any accidents, damages, or theft. Our bonded and insured pet sitting/dog walking provides you with peace of mind that your home and pets are in great hands.  In addition, we are a professional, licensed corporation. We are not hobby sitters - we take our business very seriously, meaning we pay taxes, we do not pay our sitters off the books, and we simply believe in doing things the right way. With a PAWS sitter visiting your home, you can be assured that all caretakers are extensively trained in pet care, thoroughly background checked, and covered under all PAWS insurance, bonding, and licensing. 


Quality over Quantity


PAWS provides a safe alternative to dog daycare and kennels, while your pets can receive one-on-one attention and remain in a home environment, whether their own or their PAWS sitter's home. According to the American Humane Society, pets are happiest when they're in their home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells. While pet hotels and daycares might look great, they pose a threat of contracting illness, sustaining injuries from other dogs, are often unsupervised throughout the night, and often filled beyond their legal capacity.  PAWS provides cage-free overnight options in a home environment, where your pet can lounge on the couch, sleep in bed with their sitter, and run at the park.

 While our services may cost more, our home boarding provides the 24/7 individual attention that kennels and daycare cannot provide, while our in-home services allow your pet to remain comfortable and safe, which in our opinion, is a much better deal! Additionally, unlike most sitting companies, we do not charge for extra # of pets in your home (and offer generous discounts for extra boarding pets), so if you have multiple pets, you're actually saving even more than a kennel (and any other sitting company)!

Choosing a company with sitters who are experienced in pet care, trained in pet first aid, and ready to handle all different types of scenarios is also crucial for your pets while you travel.Our PAWS sitters are also trained extensively in handling signs of separation anxiety to ensure your pet stays comfortable when you leave. While we know your pet is the happiest when you’re around,with a PAWS sitter visiting your home, your pet will be able to continue their normal routine, maintain regular exercise and playtime, and receive the human companionship that they deserve. 


Above & Beyond


       What makes PAWS unique is the individual attention we provide each client. There’s no 7-pup-tandem leash walking here! We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and above-and-beyond-expectation service. We strongly value a close client-sitter relationship and want you to feel that your pets are in great hands and having tons of fun, so we love to stay in touch with you during your absence!  Your PAWS sitter will provide you with complimentary photos, videos and text updates and you can always feel free to give us a call to check up as well! In addition to individualized care, you will always be covered. Even if your sitter has an emergency arise, a back-up sitter or the owner will always be at every scheduled service.  We also offer an all inclusive service, meaning there are no hidden fees or charges for "extras" such as administering medication, mail pick up, taking out/in the trash, rotating lights, and/or watering plants. We also offer free emergency transport in the event of an emergency while we are watching your pets.     

Katie developed PAWS because of her deep love for all animals; she has devoted her life to providing pet care, so PAWS places the animals first. Business second. 

       We understand that each client and pet have a different set of needs and requests, so we’re happy to discuss your needs with you to work out the right schedule and customized services for you and your pet. 

We look forward to meeting you and your fur babies and spoiling them with lots of love, playtime, & reliable care. Now you can relax! You can now feel confident that you’ve made the best choice for your pets.

Contact us today to set up a Meet & Greet!


Ph: (347) 663-0182




Instagram: @PawsMiami

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